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Forget about newspaper and magazines, more and more people looking for business services online, anywhere anytime ...

1, 领先市场的搜索引擎,能为用户提供快速和精确的中英文双语搜索;

2, 简炼清爽的页面设计,在小屏幕智慧型手机如 iPhone ,Samsung, HTC 上浏览同样出色;更多用户使用,实现真正的移动搜索;

3, 极具市场竞争力的广告价格,为阁下提供优质低价的广告服务平台 (365天,7天24小时);

4, 提供专业的电话簿搜索,按区搜索,一键搞定,寻找信息更快捷;广告图片按服务行业有序排放,市场针对性强;

5, 百事通站内网页被世界主流搜索引擎如 Google, Yahoo, 百度等广泛收录和引用,站内商家将有更多机会在搜索引擎首页被显示;

6, 百事通站内商家以华商为主(超过90%),主要服务华人和亚洲社群,市场特征明显,网站拥有广大忠实和稳定的华人用户群;

7, 网上电话簿成为信息时代用户首选,不受时间和空间限制,无论身在何处,均触手可及;尤其电脑和手机搜索渐成主流,翻报纸翻杂志已渐渐落伍。百事通网上电话簿将给你带来无数潜在客户,商机无限,影响力和辐射面庞大,覆盖澳洲悉尼,墨尔本和布里斯本三大城市;

1, Market Leading search engine, providing fast and accurate Chinese and English bilingual data search;

2, Clean and neat webpage design, easy reading on smart phones like iPhone, Sumsung and HTC; More people use, more mobile searching;

3, Market Competitive price; Excellent and affordable Advertising Services (365 days, 24 / 7); All member businesses can display and update their Ad pictures and promotion information anytime;

4, Professional Phone Book, Faster and more convenient to locate services; Ad pictures are arranged neatly according to their service categories, easier targeting users;

5, Bestong website pages have been extensively indexed in world's major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Baidu; Businesses on Bestong website pages will be more easily shown on search engines' first page of search result;

6, More than 90% businesses on Bestong Phone Book are Chinese businesses which target Chinese and Asian communities without culture barriers; Bestong website has wide and stable Chinese user base in Australia;

7, Online Phone Book starting to become mainstream in modern life with internet connection, very useful for computer and mobile phone users. It's very influential and potentially reachable by whole Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Chinese communities in Australia;





Disclaimer: Bestong Data Service P/L reserves the right to change or modify any service content or terms without notice.


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