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ZINIA 花都 -- 悉尼知名妓院


莞式一条龙服务。 设高素质美女出钟伴游 $250 起。手机:0451 830 288 ( 出钟)。

ZINIA 花都 Strathfield South
地址:Shop 2, 81-89 Cosgrove Rd, Strathfield South, NSW 2136
电话:02 9642 2562

ZINIA 花都 Banksia
地址:311 Princes Hwy, Banksia, NSW 2216
电话:02 8040 4686


ZINIA is on the top of the list when people are talking about brothels in Sydney.

It has two shops. One is at 2 / 81-89 Cosgrove Rd, Strathfield South, NSW. The other is at 311 Princes Highway, Banksia, NSW, which is about 800 meters from Rockdale.

It's a world of pure pleasure in very plush surroundings which you'll be very comfortable in from the moment you arrive. Our elegant modern decoration and passionate tones inside shops will set the mood for your ultimate desires & pleasure each time when you walk through the door.

We provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to make your stay an unforgettable experience in stylish and luxurious surroundings of extraordinary tranquillity & beauty. Our friendly receptionist will show you through to the luxury and comfort of our lounge or private waiting rooms, where you can meet the ladies individually.

ZINIA means brilliant flowers. You will see all ladies at Zinia are looking like beautiful flowers. Everyday each shop has at least more than 8 ladies on shift. In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we have the best selection of upmarket ladies. We ensure that each lady that represents Zinia lives up to our strict standards and expectations of professionalism, glamour, grooming & personality.

We offer a genuine experience and are known to our clients for the best quality of our ladies and service. We encourage you to visit us, bring your friends, clients, or just drop in alone! To you, our loyal clients, Zinia extends its heartfelt thanks for all your patronage.




【图片 1】   
【图片 2】   Alice
【图片 3】   Amy

【图片 4】   Anna
【图片 5】   Apple 25, 167, D cup
【图片 6】   Apple

【图片 7】   Bony 26 years old, 160, E cup, 24 hours
【图片 8】   Cici
【图片 9】   CoCo

【图片 10】   Eva 21, 164, D cup, 3pm - 2am
【图片 11】   Helen 25, 165, D cup, 4pm - 2am
【图片 12】   Holly 24, 170, C cup, 2pm - 2am

【图片 13】   Honey
【图片 14】   Jenny 24, 168, E cup, 1pm - 2am
【图片 15】   Jenny

【图片 16】   Jessica
【图片 17】   Kiki 24, 163, D cup, 24hr
【图片 18】   Lina

【图片 19】   Linda 24, 165, C cup, 24hr
【图片 20】   Linda 23, 165, D cup, 24hr
【图片 21】   N-1

【图片 22】   Nila 23, 168, D cup, 1pm - 3am
【图片 23】   SaSa, 165, G cup, 24Hr
【图片 24】   Selina 24, 173, C cup, 9pm - 5am

【图片 25】   Selina 2
【图片 26】   Tiffany-2
【图片 27】   Uki-1

【图片 28】   Vivian 23, 172, D cup, 24Hr
【图片 29】   Wendy 25, 172, D cup, 5pm - 2am
【图片 30】   Yumi 23, 165, D cup, 24Hr



 电话: 02 8040 4686    
 地址: 311 Princes Hwy, Banksia, NSW 2216
 邮件: support@bestong.com.au
 网站: http://www.ziniabrothel.com.au


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