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5,如需查找电话号码 (仅限全悉尼搜索),请参照以下格式, 电话号码:xxxx xxxx (缺省区号); 手机号码: xxxx xxx xxx ; 你也可输入部分号码进行模糊搜索;

6,支持商家地址搜索,地址输入越模糊,搜索范围越宽;比如:"Rowe St.", "rowe st", "Forest Rd", 等等;



1, We suggest you refer the Home Page Servcie Categories list to select key keywords; System will prompt more keywords if you use English;

2, Close industry or service categories may cross over each other, try to use different keywords to get more complete or accurate search result;

3, You can enter only part of the word(s) to do smart searching automatically without spelling the complete word(s); the shorter keywords, the better;for example, if you want searching "Travel Agency", you just enter "Tra"; if you are looking for "Accountant", just enter "Acc"; or if you want to find "Dentist", just enter "Den";

4, Support business name search;

5, If you want to search telephone no. (apply to whole Sydney search only), please use the following formats, Tel no: xxxx xxxx (remove area code); Mobile no: xxxx xxx xxx; You can enter partial no. to do smart search;

6, Support business address search. Partial address input will generate more general results; for example: "Rowe St.", "rowe st", "Forest Rd", etc;

7, Every effort has been made to make business listings up to date; However, due to business nature some businesses may have moved their addresses or have terminated their operations. You are encouraged to call relevant businesses first before purchasing their products or services to confirm their details. We welcome your feedback so we can update system data instantly.

You can also watchhelp video to get more details.


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